About Me

As an HR Consultant and Internal Coach, I partner with Leaders of small organisations to build magnificent teams of resilient and brilliant individuals, who ultimately will pave the way to your organisations’ success.

As a transformative 1-1 Coach I work with individuals helping you reconnect to your magnificent self, building your resilience and true (sometimes forgotten) brilliance, stepping into your self more fully.

 Having worked in HR over the last 20 years I have a broad background in HR and I guess on some level I have always been coaching but never realized. My first “real” coaching experience was in 2012 which as for most other Coaches was one of my most powerful experiences and dramatically changed my life.

I was certified as an Accredited Associate Coach (ACC) with the ICF in 2017 and am currently completing my Agile HR Practitioner Certificate.

My Qualifications

Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (Start March 2020)

  • Agile HR Practitioner Certificate (January 2021)
  • Mental Fitness : Positive Intelligence Certification (Cohort 1 – November 2020)
  • Team Advantage™ (Start May 2020)
  • Performance Based Hiring: Recruiter Certification (November 2020)
  • Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (Start March 2020)
  • Management 3.0 (January 2020)
  • PG Cert in Personal & Business Coaching Chester University (tbc)
  • Business & Personal Coaching Certificate – Barefoot (November 2019)
  • StrengthsFinder Certification (April 2017)
  • Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and completion of 100 hours of paid coaching (January 2016)
  • Career Coach Certification – Firework (June 2015)
  • Certified Professional Coactive Coach – Coaches Training Institute (August 2015)
  • Test User Levels A+B: Occupational + Personality (MBTI® and 16PF®) (May 2015). Accredited by the BPS (British Psychological Society) and EFPA (European Federation of Psychological Associations)
  • Co-Active Coach Training – Coaches Training Institute (March 2013)
  • Co-Active Leadership Program – Coaches Training Institute (November 2014)
  • SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory) Facilitator – Personal Strengths UK Ltd (2014)
  • Deutsch für den Beruf – Level B2 (Nov 2009: Goethe Institut, Freiburg)
  • MA in Management & Human Resources (2002-2007: Webster University, Geneva, CH)

My Memberships

  • International Coaching Federation
  • British Psychology Society

I believe that…

We all want to be a success and be part of something meaningful

We all want to be our best and deserve to be happy

We all have an impact whether we like it or not

In order to transform the team you need to transform the individuals

Carrots and sticks don't work

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