Coaching Programmes for Teams and Organisations

Team Advantage

The Team AdvantageTM is a dynamic program that can transform your team through a proven development process – one that goes beyond the typical 2-day team-building event. The program is presented as an organizational “game” oriented around a stretch goal that is meaningful to you and your organization’s success. Together the coach and team leader will focus on guiding you and your team members to new awareness, new arrangements and extraordinary performance.

The Team Advantage Program consists of 4 phases which roll-out over 16 weeks.


  1. Pre-Game Preparation: Each member of your team is interviewed to set the stage for the programme
  2. Kick-off Workshop: Your team creates their own game plan oriented around an extraordinary goal
  3. Weekly Coaching Sessions: You and your other team members provide progress updates while supporting each other
  4. Review of Accomplishments: Your team takes time to assimilate learning and celebrate your wins and your new level of communication

New Leader Coaching Programme


The New Leader Coaching Programme supports newly promoted Leaders to step into their new roles enabling them to deliver results more quickly, find their own authentic style of leadership, and have the desired impact.

The New Leader Coaching Programme consists of 6 sessions of 1.5 hours and is adapted to each Leader according to their needs. Some key elements include:


  • Exploring different leadership styles and working with the new Leader to find and step into their own authentic leadership style in alignment with the company culture
  • An increased awareness of the new Leaders potential leadership edge
  • Designing a 90-day plan and setting the new Leader up for long-term success

    Core Strengths: Results through relationships Assessment & Workshop

    Support your team and organization achieve results by strengthening relationships and developing collaborative communication.  Core Strengths helps you to learn how to make authentic connections with the people that matter most. You’ll discover how to assess motives, bring the right strengths to meet the demands of even the most challenging situations, and communicate in the right style – even with difficult people. Core Strengths develops the skills you’ll need to collaborate, connect, and get things done.

    The Results Through Relationships Programme can be ran as a 1 day onsite training or 3 virtual sessions. Prior to the workshop: All participants will complete the online Strength Deployment Inventory Assessment. This assessment focuses on motives :  Why people do things as opposed to what they do. It builds a common language for understanding what’s important and how we relate to each other.

    The workshop itself is structured as follows: Assess motives, Bring the right strengths and communicate in the right style (ABC) and consists of three modules as below:


      Module 1

      Assess Motives when things are going well: Gain insight into yours and your team members motivations. Why we do what we do and why others do what they do.

      Module 2

      Assess Motives in Conflict: Gain insight into how we and others change our motives when we are triggered. Understand your individual conflict sequence, and how to productively handle opposition and conflict.

      Module 3

      Bring the right Strengths and communicate in the right style. Explore and gain awareness of individual and team strengths. Deploy the right strengths (behaviours) while managing overdone strengths (potential weaknesses) and building awareness of potential conflict triggers. Leverage the power of common collaborative language to communicate in a way that other people understand to become more effective as an individual and team.

      Furlough Forward Programme


      A 6-week programme specifically designed for your furloughed employees, “to bridge the gap between the now and the next”

      The programme is structured around weekly 1 hour interactive group coaching sessions working through Perspectives, Priorities and Plans, and at the same time allowing flexibility for each individuals needs and requirements, and championing you on to achieve the best outcome for you.

      • Perspectives: Evaluate and reflect -Re-build confidence and self-belief -Focus on your skills
      • Priorities: Visit your values -Reactivate your purpose -Rediscover meaning in what you do
      • Plans: Consider your next steps -Harness your resources -Positivity and accountability in your actions

      It will support anyone on furlough, helping employees to take control and be proactive about their future. It will support you to move forward with a sense of purpose, clarity and confidence, whether starting work again very soon, or remaining on furlough.

      The programme includes:

      • Weekly 90-minute online group coaching calls (max 16 participants)
      • Topics covered include: Establishing a plan and purpose, managing stress and uncertainty, building resilience and focusing on balance and well-being
      • Option of 1:1 individual coaching session
      • Peer network

      Benefits for the organization

      • Support employees in staying motivated and engaged
      • Shape a positive furlough experience for employees
      • Promote health, well-being and mental fitness
      • Support employees coming back to work feeling fresh and engaged
      • Maintain a positive employer-employee relationship and show you genuinely care and are committed to their welfare
      • Please contact us directly to discuss how we can tailor the programme to suit your requirements

      Benefits to the participants

      • Build resilience
      • Decrease isolation and establish a support network
      • Personal growth and development
      • Reduce anxiety, worry and stress
      • Move forwards with a sense of purpose and confidence whether starting work again very soon, or remaining on furlough



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